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What Would You Like for Christmas?

A magical feeling… a giddiness that brings a smile you just can’t hold back… an air of goodwill in subtly gracious surroundings… knowing you’re in the centre of Dublin but feeling like you’re on 42nd street… and not wanting to change a single thing.

Would you like a party, an amazing night, with gourmet food and five star service? Or would you like to come and stay with us for a night or a week?

It’s Christmas. You can have anything you like.

Christmas Stays

December Break in Dublin

Christmas Day Stay with Lunch/Dinner

2 Nights Stay with Lunch/Dinner

New Year Eve With Dinner


Christmas Parties

Private Dining

Dining at Inn On The Green

Festive Afternoon Tea

Cocktails & Canapés


Christmas Gift Cards

Monetary Vouchers

Overnight Stay Experience

Afternoon Tea Gift Voucher

Treatment Gift Vouchers


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