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A Generation's Favourite Food at Citron

While the fashion in the 70’s might be a little suspect, the music was good and the food was great. Bring your kids, parents, friends, siblings, everyone to Citron and step back in time to dinner in 1979. We’ll serve up prawn cocktails and fish fingers in a meal that’s as good now as it was then. And just as much fun.

Retro Menu

This retro dining menu is a step back to a simpler time, growing up in Ireland, as remembered by our head chef Philip Mahon.

Great days capped with such culinary classics as chicken vol-au-vent or traditional roast pork, crispy pancakes or fish fingers with a Citron fine dining touch.  

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Gourmet Time Travel

You’ll really like what we’ve done here: We’ve taken those classic dishes from the 70’s and reimagined them with a modern twist – what a great way to treat parents and grandparents (after all, they love to talk about the past).

From meals that were seen at every family gathering to dishes that emerged as experiments…they are all here.

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Prices (Nearly) From The 70's

OK that might be pushing it a bit but this is very, very good value: Enjoy an incredible 4-course gastronomic time warp for just €60 for two people including car parking. That’s almost 1979 prices.

Offer available for February 2016 only, click below to reserve your table:

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