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5 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Dublin

Dublin/ 9 November 2016
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Whether you’re a true blue American or you’d just like to celebrate with our Western neighbours, there are lots of ways to join in with the million of US citizens at home and around the world.

Here are our top 5 suggestions if you find yourself in Dublin on the last Thursday of November:

1. Thanksgiving Dinner

Where else but at Citron restaurant in the Fitzwilliam Hotel? We’ve got a traditional Thanksgiving dinner plus some contemporary variations and super-stylish options as well as a special range of cocktails.

Take a look at our Thanksgiving dinner menu and book your table online.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Citron

2. Catch The Game

There will be a few bars and pubs in Dublin City where you can go and watch the big (American) football game on Thanksgiving but there’s one just around the corner from the hotel that we recommend: Sinnotts. It’s on South King Street and barely a one minute stroll from our door.

American Football Thanksgiving

3. Join American Expats

The Americans Expats in Ireland is a 1,000-strong group of expats and they are holding a thanksgiving meet-up. Join the group and they’ll let you know about this and other meet-ups and events that they hold throughout the year.

Ireland and America

4. American Star Trail

Take yourself off on a walking tour of Dublin to visit some of the traditional Irish pubs that have hosted some of the most famous Americans of all. The Long Hall pub where Bruce Spingsteen likes a pint, Mulligans of Poolbeg street where JFK had a tipple or Cassidys pub on Camden street run by Bill Clinton’s cousins.

Bruce Springsteen The Long Hall Pub Dublin

5. Forgeddabout It

OK so Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the US but, since you’re in Dublin and it’s not really celebrated here, why not create your own celebration of where you are? Have a look at our Things To Do In Dublin In November and go out and see something unique to Dublin. Make that your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving Dining

Well, there’s our top five things to do in Dublin for Thanksgiving. Whichever one you choose, we hope you have a good one. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.