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Oh you’ve simply GOT to have afternoon tea at the Fitzwilliam Hotel.

You’ll love it: a completely new interpretation of an old Dublin tradition. New tastes and textures and ideas piled up on the three-tiered stand in one an exceptionally grand experience, a super-stylish treat, a decadent indulgence that comes without guilt because, well, it’s just too good to feel anything but joy about.

How on earth did you discover this???

You heard it from a little birdie.


This is the Fitzwilliam Hotel so you know our Afternoon Tea Menu is going to be special.

Reserve your own private booth in

our fab Inn On The Green, from €45.00pp


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Book your private suite and gather your nearest and dearest to celebrate great news!

A big birthday, baby shower, or just because…

from €45.00pp (min 20 people)

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Take your tea on our private balcony overlooking Stephen’s Green

Bubbles, balcony and beyond…..

from €69.00pp

Pre-booking essential

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