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8 Dublin Walks to Explore Beyond The City

Dublin/ 19 May 2017
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Dublin is a city made for walking.

Pick any two points and you’re guaranteed an interesting walk between them. Or take a Dublin walking tour – there’s just so much history and interesting architecture around you. Some people like to get out of the city and walk in the surrounding countryside and, if you’re one of them, here are our picks for the best walks outside the city of Dublin:

1. Howth Head

Howth is a picturesque fishing village 15km northeast of Dublin City, immortalised in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The head, a peninsula, has incredible views across Dublin Bay and Ireland’s Eye.

Take the DART train and walk around the cliff to the summit (about 6 kilometers) where you’ll find the historic, and perfectly named, Summit Inn.

Walking Route: Find your way around Howth Head with this Google Maps walking route.

Howth Cliff Walk

2. Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

Take the DART train south to the seaside town of Bray for this stunning two-hour walk along the cliffs to Greystones from where the DART will take you back to Dublin again.

There are some steep bits and the track gets quite narrow in places but it’s well worth doing. When you get to Greystones, have a pint in the Beach House. If you’re finishing in Bray, try the Porter House.

Walking Route: Don’t get lost! Use this Google Maps guide to stay on track.

Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk

3. Glendalough

Glendalough is an area of outstanding natural beauty and incredible history, just south of Dublin. There are lots of walks to take here, along two lakes, the ancient monastery, round tower and the river.

You can go walking here for an hour or a full day – your choice. Finish the day with a hot mug or a cold glass in the Glendalough Hotel.

Walking Route: This Google Maps route will take you from the visitor centre around the lake and back again.

Glendalough Day Trip

4. Ticknock Hill

Southwest of the city, in the Dublin foothills, is Ticknock Hill, which has sweeping views across the city. The Fairy Castle Loop is an easy walk – about six kilometers / two hours – but somewhat mystical as local folklore believes Ticknock is a major home of the fairies.

When you come back down, have a refreshing pint in the famous Lamb Doyles. Or the just-as-famous Blue Light pub.

Walking Route: Try walking the Fairy Castle Look with this helpful route on Google Maps.

Ticknock Hill Dublin Walk

5. The Dodder Walk

The Dodder Walk is a river walk through the suburbs of the city. It starts only about three kilometers from the hotel at Clonskeagh and runs alongside the River Dodder as it takes you upriver through Milltown to Rathfarnham shopping centre, passing Darty Park and Bushy Park on the way.

You’ll pass a few bars and coffee houses on your way but we recommend Ashton’s or The Dropping Well.

Walking Route: Follow the River Dodder from Clonskeagh to Rathfarnham on the river pathway with this Google Maps route.

The River Dodder Walk

6. Hellfire Club

This is quite a short walk (four kilometers) but very interesting because it takes you to the shell of the ancient, and some believe haunted, Hellfire Club and has really spectacular views across Dublin city.

The walk is circular and can be done in either direction, but we recommend you go clockwise (starting at the forestry road, returning directly downhill) for the best views on the way back. Timbertrove does a nice pot of tea just across the road.

Walking Route: You can trek from the Fairy Castle on Ticknock over to the Hellfire Club in about two hours, here’s the Google Maps route.

Hellfire Club, Montpelier Hill

7. Killiney Hill

This is a great walk because it’s only about two kilometers long (but steep) and it’s fascinating. Take the DART train south to the village of Dalkey, up Dalkey Hill and then across to Killiney Hill where the views south across Killiney Bay all the way to Wicklow and north to Howth are amazing.

When you’re fininshed, walk down the hill to Killiney DART station and back to the city. Or stop for a pint in Finnegan’s in Dalkey.

Walking Route: The sea will keep you on track but here’s the route on Google Maps just in case.

Killiney Hill Dublin Walk

8. Great South Wall Walk

This is one of the City’s great amenities and it takes you out along the south wall of Dublin port. It’s not long but please be careful because in one part there is a series of granite blocks with fissures to be avoided.

The round trip is about eight kilometers which should take you between 60 and 80 minutes to finish. If it’s open, grab a coffee at Mr Hobbs Coffee just as you reach the wall.

Walking Route: If you start this walk from the hotel, you can pass by Sandymount beach along the way, here’s the route on Google Maps.

Great South Wall Walk Dublin


If you’re looking for a walking tour around Dublin city, have a listen to our walking tour audio podcasts. There’s one focusing on the important locations of the 1916 rising, a fashion tour guiding you to the best shops and a general Dublin walking tour highlighting the most interesting spots around the city.