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Meet our Fit-William Team: Patrick, Gosia, Michael & Johnathan

Dublin/ 25 May 2017
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It seems that nearly every second guest at the Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin is a runner. Or at least a jogger. Luckily for them, they are in very good hands and we can give you advice on running routes in and around Dublin city and where to get any equipment you might need. You may even find yourself accompanied by one of our in-house runners.

The Runners

Gosia, Patrick, Michael, Johnathan and Marcin are our main runners although you’ll find lots more dotted throughout the hotel if you ask.

Recently Gosia, Patrick, Michael and Johnathan ran the 10K Virgin Media Night Run. On the same day, Marcin ran the 63k Connemara Ultra Marathon, we’ll be sharing his story in another blog post. We asked the team what their secrets to success are:

Fit-William Team Virgin media Night Run

Patrick, Head Concierge

“I find running makes you focused and clears your mind. My proudest moments were finishing the Dublin marathon in 2008 and 2009 and taking 40 minutes off the previous years’ time. My advice to a beginner is to start slowly, build up your distance and stamina and listen to your body.

Here’s a nice 3 mile run: Take a right outside the hotel and run up Harcourt Street, up Charlemont Street, left onto the canal and down Mespil Road onto Haddington Road. Turn left onto Northumberland Road and over the bridge and left again onto Warrington Place which becomes Herbert Place. Go along Wilton Terrace, right onto Leeson Street, along St. Stephens Green and you’re back at the hotel.”

Gosia, Inn on the Green

Patrick and Gosia, Fit-William Team

“I run because I want to keep myself fit and it also helps me relax and relieves stress. My favourite routes are through Phoenix Park or along Sandymount Beach but a lovely short run is around St. Stephen’s Green just outside the hotel.

The best part for me is when I realise I am improving and achieving my goals. I run alone and sometimes with friends from near where I live. My advice if you’re starting out is to start each run with a warm up, stay motivated and never give up – never listen to anybody who tells you that you can’t do it and always believe in yourself.”

Michael, Citron Chef

“The reason why I run is simply to maintain my fitness and my favourite routes are around Phoenix Park on the north side of the city centre. I always feel great when I know I am meeting the challenge head-on and that sense of achievement is fantastic.

I have running buddies – friends and some co-workers from the hotel. My advice for a beginner is to set yourself a goal and approach it step-by-step. If you are looking for a great longer distance route I would say jog down the quays to the Phoenix Park and possibly do a lap or half a lap of the park and back. A short, but lovely, run would be just a lap or two of St. Stephens Green just outside our door.”

Johnathan, Front Office Manager

Fit-William Team Pic

“I find running to be very therapeutic – I started when I was looking for a way to keep fit that could also be a hobby. I’m from the south side of Dublin so I run out there most of the time: I live close to Corkagh Park so I would say that’s my favourite route.

My proudest running moment was recently when I ran 10K in 40 minutes which is my personal best. I rarely run with anyone else and, as sad as it sounds, my dog Max is my running buddy – He comes on short jogs with me. My advice for a beginner is to start with a small distance, running 2 – 3K maximum and to ALWAYS take a day’s break between runs. Around St. Stephens Green is the best running route, starting from the hotel.”