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St Patrick’s Day Facts: 14 Things You Never Knew

What's On/ 9 March 2016
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Here are 14 things you never knew about St Patrick’s Day. If nothing else, this list of St Patrick’s Day facts will give you some talking points for the pub on March 17th this year:

1. Patrick was not Irish

He was Welsh.

St Patrick’s Day Facts

2. Patrick was not Patrick

His real name was Maewyn Succat but he changed it when he became a priest.

3. Patrick was a Slave

He was snatched by pirates on the Welsh coast and sold in Ireland.

4. You Didn’t Know This

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not in Dublin It was in New York in 1766.

5. Green was not our Colour

Green was not Ireland’s national colour – it was blue. In fact, blue is still the colour of the Irish Presidential Standard.

6. The Snakes Leave

Well, OK, not real snakes, but every year almost every Irish politician goes to another country to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, including our Taoiseach who goes to America every March 17th.

7. River of Green

The Chicago River is dyed “Kelly” green every year. It lasts for about five hours.

St Patricks Day Chicago River

8. Another Pint?

Every day about 5.5 million pints of Guinness are downed around the world. On St. Patrick’s Day it’s about 13 million.

9. Mythical Snakes

St. Patrick did not actually drive the snakes out from Ireland – we never had any in the first place.

10. We are Not Alone

March 17th is a public holiday throughout the island of Ireland and also in Newfoundland, Labrador and Montserrat which all have sizable Irish communities.
St Patrick’s Day Facts

11. March On

There are parades in almost every town and village in Ireland but around the world, the big ones are in the United States, Britain, Canada, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

12. JFK Wasn’t Very Irish

Apparently President John F Kennedy forgot about St Patrick’s Day until the Irish ambassador turned up at the White House with a bowl of shamrock on 17th March.

13. The Long Walk

The St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin is over 3 kilometers from start to finish.

14. March 17th is a Sad Day

It’s the day St Patrick died.

Now go forth, armed with the truth for at least 14 arguments.